jamie28 (jamie28) wrote in bunnydirect,

a story of bunnies and dogs

neither of my dogs is "cuddly" with the bunnies. they ignore them, even when the bunnies are loose, and that is fine. (they also ignore the cats, btw).

but today i saw something that made me very happy. my rabbits have their own room, blocked off from the rest of the house with a 4 foot high grate. they can see through, but not get out. this room is also the easiest exit to the back yard, where the dogs have free roam in the fenced back yard. so, both dogs and bunnies are used to having the gate open and while the dogs are ushered outside.

this evening, i opened the grate to let libby, my big fluffy-butt mutt outside. the bunnies, as usual, were right in the way, begging for food. libby backed off a few paces and obviously waited for the buns to get out of the way she before charged through. and libby had been cooped up for nearly 9 hours, so i know she really needed to go out.

nothing like a little inter-species courtesy to brighten the day and remind us of what is important.
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