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bunnydirect's Journal

Bunny Direct!
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Delivering cute bunnies directly to your friends page every day! (Unless we forget and skip a day, of course.)

This is a community whose sole purpose is to post cute pictures of rabbits. As maintainer, mullenkamp will probably be doing most of the posting, but if you want to post bunny pics of your own, please make sure that you include width/height tags for Netscape users, and keep the filesize and dimensions reasonable.

Many pictures posted here will belong to those who post them - amateur photography of pets and so on. Some, however, will be pictures taken from the House Rabbit Society's random bunny picture feature, and some may be from other sources. If you wish to post a picture that is not your own, make sure you include a disclaimer stating where you got it, and if applicable, link to the website where you found it.

Please note: The sole purpose of this community is bunny pictures. Not bunny advice or advertisement for your own bunny community. There are other communities for these purposes already; I suggest bunnyowners for advice on bunnies, and community_promo for promoting your community.

However, anything bunny-related will be considered on-topic, so long as it is accompanied by a cute bunny picture. So it's okay to ask questions or promote a community here, just as long as you've got a picture to post. If not, please go to the communities mentioned, where your post will be on-topic.

If you would like a bunny of your own, currently have a bunny of your own, or are interested in them, we suggest that you look over the HRS website for lots of information and fun.

Another community you might like, if you enjoy this one, is pancakebunny, which gave me this idea by delivering cute pics of one particular adorable bunny to my friends page at random. (Although Oolong, subject of this community recently died, the community intends to continue posting his pictures in remembrance.)