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Righty, every fricken winter Thy starts her sneezing fits up again. Her nose and eyes are clean and not leaking, her chest is clear, hutch is clean, she eats, plays, potties, destroys carpets all as she normally does. I am thinking its something they put on the hay in the winter or in it to keep it fresh and it just gives her the sneezes (the other two are fine), but anyway, we bring all the bunnies in for the winter to keep them a bit warmer, this year she is sneezing more and even the house has been colder, again, clear eyes, nose, and chest.

The warmer the room gets the less she sneezes it seems, or maybe she just snuggles up and sleeps instead of sneezing lol! anyway, point is, has anyone ever tried one of these:

My girls chew on EVERYTHING, so I'm not sure if they would dig it out and eat it. Does anyone have experience with these? thanks so much!
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